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Crypto Coins, Blockcahin Technology and Turkish Law

We are witnessing the times when cryptocurrencies are increasingly occupying the agenda and trying to gain a place in the international and national financial system. Bitcoin’s, as it is known among the people of the crypto money, exactly what it represents, whether it is a real currency, to whom it belongs, how reliable is whether…

0April 27, 2022February 9, 2023

Cryptocurrencies And Criminal Law

Recently, crypto coins, which have been occupying our agenda mostly by being used for illegal activities, have started to be mentioned together with the phenomenon of crime. Due to the “fraud” news that also resonates significantly in the press, crypto coins (known as bitcoin publicly ) are associated with criminal and criminal law. Although the…

0April 27, 2022January 16, 2023


We witness that parents do not always comply with court decisions regarding custody and establishing a personal relationship with the child, which is a kind of Family Court decision. Sometimes, parents who kidnap the child despite not having the right of custody, and sometimes parents who have the right of custody and prevent the other party…

04December 22, 2021April 4, 2023

Why Solmaz Law & Consultancy

Experience and Professionalism: We are at your side with our full professional attorney and consultancy service with our long and effective working experience with the company, holding and private clients.Trust and Quality: We transparently present the quality we have with our local and international publications and researches. You can work comfortably with us by relying…

00February 15, 2021January 16, 2023


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