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    Enforcement of Judicial Decisions and the Problem of Finalization

    Parties with conflicting rights and interests want the court’s decision to be enforced immediately. But this is not always possible under all circumstances. Enforcement of court decisions is ensured through compulsory enforcement. As a rule in Turkish law, when a decision is made by the court, the enforcement of this decision can be requested immediately….

    00June 6, 2022June 23, 2022

    Vacation and Postponement Periods Suspending the Enforcement Proceedings

    In order to protect the debtor during the enforcement proceedings, vacation and postponement cases are envisaged. In the presence of vacation and postponement reasons, enforcement proceedings cannot be carried out against the debtor. Since it is counted as vacation hours and days, the enforcement proceedings may not be carried out, and there are also reasons…

    00May 23, 2022May 25, 2022

    Application for Complaint in Enforcement Law

    The persons concerned can apply to the enforcement court with an application for complaint, against the transactions made by the enforcement or bankruptcy bodies against the law or inconsistent with the concrete case. A complaint is a kind of legal application pertaining to enforcement law. This application, which is not technically accepted as a lawsuit…

    00May 23, 2022May 25, 2022

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      Crypto Coins, Blockcahin Technology and Turkish Law

      We are witnessing the times when cryptocurrencies are increasingly occupying the agenda and trying to gain a place in the international and national financial system. Bitcoin’s, as it is known among the people of the crypto money, exactly what it represents, whether it is a real currency, to whom it belongs, how reliable is whether…

      0April 27, 2022April 29, 2022

      Cryptocurrencies And Criminal Law

      Recently, crypto coins, which have been occupying our agenda mostly by being used for illegal activities, have started to be mentioned together with the phenomenon of crime. Due to the “fraud” news that also resonates significantly in the press, crypto coins (known as bitcoin publicly ) are associated with criminal and criminal law. Although the…

      0April 27, 2022April 30, 2022


        In limited liability companies, one of the most important tasks of the General Assembly as a company body, is to make resolutions on behalf of the company. However, the rights and powers, and the convening of the General Assembly, which is the most important body of the company, are also determined by law and…

      01February 19, 2021March 15, 2022

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