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Civil rights law deals with the protections and
liberties enjoyed by the American people.

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Burcu Solmaz

Attorney at Law, LL.M

She has an academic background in Commercial Law and is successful and experienced especially in the fields of Corporate Law, Land and Maritime Trade Law, Commercial Business Law, Labor Law and Real Estate Law.


Yeliz Duran

Attorney at Law, LL.M

She is specialized in the field of Economic Law and has knowledge and experience in the fields of Contracts Law, Execution and Bankruptcy Law, IT Law and Commercial Law.

Funda Görgülü Ergenç

Funda Görgülü Ergenç

Attorney at Law

She has a master's degree in public law and has knowledge and experience in Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Personal Data Law, Contracts Law and Corporate Law.


Halik Faruk Pektaş

Attorney at Law

It carries out successful studies in the fields of Labor Law, Consumer Law, Criminal Law, Execution and Bankruptcy Law. He also has training experience in the field of Personal Data Protection Law.


Ayşe Arslan


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Görkem Bora Taner


Mohamed Sultan SAEED ALQAYDI


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  • Commercial and Corporate Law
  • Foreign İnvestment Law
  • International Trade Law
  • Land and Sea Trade
  • Criminal Law
  • Family and Inheritance Law
  • Financial Law
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