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Solmaz Law & Consultancy is an international law firm based in Istanbul that provides comprehensive and qualified legal advice and legal services to domestic and foreign individuals and legal entities in various fields.

In addition to our experience working with internationally renowned companies and holdings, we also provide legal support to small and medium-sized enterprises and individual entrepreneurs within our office.

With our academically and practically experienced expert legal staff, we anticipate the legal problems that may arise in the fields and sectors of our clients’ activities in advance, make the necessary preparations and take precautions against possible risks as our primary goal. By this means, we ensure that disputes are resolved without reaching the stage of litigation, ensuring that our clients continue their business and transactions smoothly. Thus, we settle disputes arising on issues such as elimination of individual conflicts, prevention of forfeiture, indemnification of losses, re-entitlement of violated rights with our effective and dynamic staff.

In order for Turkish and foreign real and legal persons to invest in our country under the most advantageous conditions and to achieve their goals in their fields of activity, we conduct a detailed and rigorous study with our teammates, each of whom is an expert in their field. We offer protective and preventive advocacy and consultancy services about legal actions to be taken within our country. As part of foreign investment consulting, we deal with all legal, taxative, financial and accounting risks related to our clients’ investments as a whole and investigate in depth. We aim to protect and increase our client’s earnings by protection from all possible commercial, financial and legal risks in order to implement and maintain investments smoothly.

We produce creative, strategic and practical solutions to your legal problems with our team, which has the subtleties and equipment to achieve successful results in the field of dispute resolution and management and orientation of litigation processes.

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    Some of the industries we serve;


    Import and Export




    Logistics and Transportation

    Fleet Leasing

    Real Estate





    We offer our clients high quality legal services in accordance with international standards and ethical values

    We provide an open, accessible and reliable communication environment for our clients and create the necessary opportunities to contact us whenever they need it

    Our dynamic team closely follows the changes and developments in the business world and the legal field, and we strive to provide the most up-to-date and high-quality service

    Acting with the motto “providing personalized service with teamwork”, our office ensures that the needs and goals of our client are best understood, the best alternatives are explored in this regard, and ultimately the best result promised is implemented.

    We aim to be your business partner who prepares the legal infrastructure of your business and your contracts perfectly so that you do not encounter legal problems and disputes.

    We offer the professional support of our business partners who are experts in the field on different issues that you will need.

    We provide you with the most appropriate, practical and effective solutions for resolving legal problems and disputes you encounter by alternative procedures before the case or by managing the case process and we work result-oriented.

    We act knowing that respect, trust, quality, professionalism and healthy communication are the basis of long-term business relationships.


    We guarantee the confidentiality and security of all data and information that you share with us during and after our work together. In order to provide you with a more comprehensive and qualified service, we also conduct our work by entering into confidentiality agreements with our partners in private professional business partnerships. Our teammates in the office or every person, institution and organization that supports our external business processes with their expertise are involved in our working life by signing privacy protocols that commit to implementing the privacy principle in all its details.