Why Solmaz Law&Consultancy

Experience and Professionalism: We are at your side with our full professional attorney and consultancy service with our long and effective working experience with the company, holding and private clients.
Trust and Quality: We transparently present the quality we have with our local and international publications and researches. You can work comfortably with us by relying on our office’s high-quality legal and consulting service.

Confidentiality: The privacy and confidentiality of our clients’ information is paramount to us. All of our business partners, team and colleagues serve with a confidentiality agreement.

Transparency: In order to make the right decisions and create effective solutions, we transparently share the current situation with you in all aspects within the scope of the law, and guide you in taking all kinds of precautions.

Tailor-made Legal Solutions: We offer effective legal solutions tailored to the needs and characteristics of each client.

Strong and Qualified Team: Our team members complete their graduate education in the country and abroad, each of them are experts in their fields and provide the best quality and effective legal service for you in perfect harmony.

Regular Report: We give regular reports to our clients and clients, inform them regularly and keep them informed about the processes, and provide the opportunity to follow your files with us.

As Solmaz Law & Consultancy team, we are aware that making a difference in the world of business and commerce and achieving successful results requires multidimensional and meticulous work. Therefore;

  • Accurate assessment of all parameters in the relevant sector, 
  • Always thinking about the next stage and the next step to be taken in accordance with
  • Conducting detailed risk analyses is our starting point. 

Especially our entrepreneurial counselees who want to start a business and our domestic/foreign investor clients are well aware of the justified concerns they initially feel when embarking on a new path. Investing in a new market, trade or country always has commercial, financial, sectoral and taxative risks. Losing as much as winning is often a possibility. Therefore, aware of the meaning and value that the protection of the labor and capital that you put forward for your business means to you, we never take our clients on a path where you are likely to encounter consequences that you cannot predict and do not want. As a result of the rigorous work that we will do with our expert jurist staff and professional business partnerships established in the fields of tax, finance and customs, we offer you the safest roadmap that will bring you success from the very beginning and ensure that you master the details. 

We eliminate financial, legal and sectoral hazards and losses that are likely to occur on the way, and we become your reliable and expert companion on the way to your targeted gain and success.

In addition to our project and legal consulting, we provide you with innovative and high-quality legal services before and after litigation related to disputes and problems that you encounter, ensuring that you are the winner of your legal struggles. 

We keep our holistic approach without ignoring the details, we are a strict follower of all developments to catch and prevent innovations in the sector, we ensure that you reach the best result as soon as possible without compromising quality.

Because at the end of the day, we exist to be “winners”.

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