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We are at your side with our expert team, which has academic competence and active litigation experience in the areas where you need legal assistance.


Our professional team, each of whom has received a master's degree in their own field from domestic and foreign universities, brings you qualified legal services at international standards. Our lawyers, who have been actively involved in many lawsuits and dispute resolutions over the years by putting their high academic knowledge into practice and have proven their success, will produce the most accurate legal solutions for you.


Burcu Solmaz

Attorney at Law, LL.M

She has an academic background in Commercial Law and is successful and experienced especially in the fields of Corporate Law, Land and Maritime Trade Law, Commercial Business Law, Labor Law and Real Estate Law.


Yeliz Duran

Attorney at Law, LL.M

She is specialized in the field of Economic Law and has knowledge and experience in the fields of Contracts Law, Execution and Bankruptcy Law, IT Law and Commercial Law.

Funda Gorgulu Ergenc

Funda Gorgulu Ergenc

Attorney at Law, LL.M

She has a master's degree in public law and has knowledge and experience in Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Personal Data Law, Contracts Law and Corporate Law.


Halik Faruk Pektas

Attorney at Law, LL.M

It carries out successful studies in the fields of Labor Law, Consumer Law, Criminal Law, Execution and Bankruptcy Law. He also has training experience in the field of Personal Data Protection Law.


Ayse Arslan


Our Business Partners

Gorkem Bora Taner

Attorney at Law, LL.M

He works in the fields of Execution and Bankruptcy Law, Criminal Law, Corporate Law, IT Law and Consumer Law and provides legal consultancy and services to our clients with his extensive experience.

Mohamed Sultan SAEED ALQAYDI


Attorney at Law, LL.M

He specializes in Commercial Law and Telecommunication Law and contributes to our office with his knowledge and experience in the field.

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We are here for all your legal questions and problems in our fields of work and expertise. You can contact us through our communication channels to request consultancy and advocacy services regarding the processes related to your cases. We will get back to you as soon as possible from your contact number that you will send us with your request.

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  • Foreign İnvestment Law 
  • Family And Inheritance Law
  • Foreign Capital Law
  • Compensation Law
  • Labor Law
  • Criminal law

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