Our Areas Expertise

We offer a wide range of fast, reliable and effective legal services.

As Solmaz Law & Consultancy Office, we also offer legal services in the claims and transactions of individuals arising from private law.

Our law firm provides consultancy and advocacy services on trademark violations made through the internet, 'IT crimes' and more.

As Solmaz Law & Consultancy team, our priority is to solve the legal problems faced by our client without taking them to the litigation stage as much as possible.

As Solmaz Law & Consultancy Office, we provide advocacy and consultancy services to companies operating in the energy sector in the generation, distribution and transmission of energy.

Our law firm provides advocacy and consultancy services in many areas within the scope of Administrative and Tax Law.

Our law firm provides advocacy and consultancy services in many areas within the scope of labor law.

We offer you consultancy services such as certification, contract preparation related to national and international cargo transportation, insurance of land and sea vehicles, accide

Informing companies and entrepreneurs about the processing, storage, storage, deletion and protection of personal data within the scope of KVKK (Personal Data Protection Law) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), informing companies about their obligations as data controllers, preparing clarification texts and express consent forms, Establishing privacy policies and conducting internal harmonization studies.

SOLMAZ Law and Consultancy Firm provides attorney and consultancy services in a wide range of insurance-related services.

Our law firm provides advocacy and consultancy services in many areas within the scope of law of obligations.

For your legal questions and problems related to compensation cases, you can request legal service from the expert legal staff of Solmaz Law and Consultancy team.


Providing Personalized Service with Teamwork

Up-to-date and Quality Service That Keeps Up With The Developments In The Business World And In The Field Of Law

Commercial and Corporate Law 

Disputes arising from trade receivables and disputes, company disputes, joint stock and limited companies, mergers and acquisitions, share transfer, franchise and leasing agreements.

Legal Solutions

Effective Solutions To Your Legal Problems With Its Young, Dynamic And Successful Staff


You can reach us from our contact addresses to request a meeting with our lawyers. Your appointment will be made as soon as possible and you will be informed about the subject. Making an appointment before you come to our office will reduce your waiting time and increase the efficiency of your appointment..

You can apply to the nearest notary public with your identity card or passport to issue a power of attorney for your lawyer. In order to issue a power of attorney from abroad, you must apply to the Turkish Consulates.

You can choose the lawyer you want to receive information or legal services regarding your legal relations or disputes you are a party to. You can get information and advice from our office about the areas of expertise of our teammates.

Since we represent you by proxy in the files you attend as a plaintiff or a defendant, you are not obliged to attend the hearings. Our lawyers will meticulously take all necessary actions on your behalf to defend your rights. However, you may need to take statements, make inquiries, or be present in person in personal matters such as criminal files. In addition, you can accompany your lawyer in every transaction and hearing you desire.

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